RCA 37LA30RQ – LCD Specifications & Features

RCA 37LA30RQ Features

This RCA set comes in a sharp, angular glossy black bezel with a touch of red underneath its LCD. The 37LA30RQ sports a 3.9-inch deep frame, and rests on a stand that swivels to support the LCD’s 176-degree viewing angle. This set packs four HDMI ports, component and composite video inputs, a VGA input, SPDIF digital audio output and more.

RCA 37LA30RQ Specifications

    * Screen Size: 37 inches
    * Type: LCD TV, HDTV, LED
    * Supported Refresh Rates: 60Hz
    * Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    * Video Inputs: Component, Composite, HDMI
    * Speakers Included: Yes
    * Stand Supplied: Yes
    * Height: 22.6 inches
    * Width: 35.7 inches
    * Depth: 3.9 inches
    * Weight:34.4 lb